News: Cumberland Soaring. To start off 2021 the club has soloed three new students.

Cody Joy (17), Ian Beal (15) Oliver Sloan (15) with several more pending. It looks like the start of a great year here at CSG

NEW: Short video featuring our youngest member. Soaring like a bird.

NEW: Soaring Podcast, Soar the Sky with CSG member Chuck Fulton Soaring the Sky

The Cumberland Soaring Group Inc. is a non-profit organization which exists for the purpose of promoting the sport of soaring by providing an organization and facilities for introduction to, training in, and the safe flying of sailplanes for fun, and with a minimum of restrictions, regulations, and cost.

Membership in this organization is open to all those interested in participating in the sport of soaring, and willing to observe the rules and regulations established by the group.

The Cumberland Soaring Group offers one of the lowest cost soaring clubs in the country. We are located in the heart of the Appalachian ridge system, which allows for year round soaring by utilizing thermal, ridge, and wave soaring conditions.

We offer:

  • Introductory Sailplane flights.
  • Flight Instruction, beginner to advanced flight training
  • Three club-owned sailplanes, including a trainer and two mid-level performance sailplanes.
  • A club owned and operated tow plane.
  • One price Family Memberships, including spouse, children and grandchildren.
  • Hanger space for members private sailplanes and trailers
  • Paved apron and ramp space adjacent to the runway
  • Operations from a 3500×200 foot paved runway
  • Year round thermal, ridge, and wave soaring
  • Cook outs and other social activities during the soaring season.
  • Quarterly membership meeting in March, July, September and November
  • End of the year holiday dinner in December .

Our operations are based at the Greater Cumberland Regional Airport (CBE) in Wiley Ford, WV. For additional information please contact us or look us up on the Where to Fly page at the Soaring Society of America.

Visit us on facebook at: Cumberland Soaring Group.