CSG Club Championship Contest 2022

The OLC (Online Contest) is an international web site that allows soaring pilots to share GPS flight data with the gliding community. GPS flight logs are submitted by individual pilots and scored by the OLC web site using various criteria. The results are posted on the OLC web site and may then be viewed and by the soaring community.

OLC tracks numerous scoring categories, which are generally based on distance covered, speed over a course, or geographic area.

Our club championship is selected by totaling the six highest scoring flights each CSG pilot has posted on the OLC web site during the year. Each years contest runs from approximately September 22 to September 21 the following year.

Other awards are presented at the end of the year for various achievements, including but not limited to the highly coveted “Tow Boy” award.

2022  CSG Club OLC Champion

To see the current standings for the 2023 CSG champion contest follow the link below:

2023 Club Championship Standings