Adding New Photos

How to Upload New Photos

  1. CSG members should establish their own individual (free) accounts on the photo sharing service.
  2. Upload some of your photos (at least 5 photos) to your flickr account
  3. Add the tag (keyword) cumberlandsoaring to the appropriate photos

Once you have uploaded at least 5 photos to your flickr account, any of yourpublic photos tagged with cumberlandsoaring will appear in the public photo feed and will also be displayed on the photo feed page on the club web site.

Additional tags such as x-cgliderswaveweatherstudentstraining, etc. may be used to further organize the photos.

In addition to the primary photo feed mentioned above, permanent albums and photo sets may be created on, both public and private. Any such photo sets may be linked to from the Photos page.

Note: because any member may tag their photos with thecumberlandsoaring tag, the content of the public photo feed/gallery is not controlled by CSG, INC. and its members cannot be held responsible for the contents of the photos tagged with cumberlandsoaring on If abuse of the service is reported, then the public gallery feature will be removed from this website.